Child Out of Parental Home – COPH

Child Out of Parental Home (COPH)

The COPH Program could be administered either by the Income Assistance Program or through the Child & Family Services Program; this is determined by the First Nation.

Parents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their children, unless such rights and responsibilities have been terminated by legal process. The private placement of a child with another person does not relieve the parent of these responsibilities.

In exceptional circumstances where placement of a child with another person is necessary for sound social reasons and the parent does not have the resources to provide entirely for the child’s maintenance, an allowance may be paid to the guardian, providing that the child is receiving adequate care.  Payment of such an allowance is not intended to relieve the parent of legal responsibilities toward their child, nor does it place any responsibility on the Issuing Authority.

Issuing Authorities are encouraged to case conference all COPH cases with the Child & Family Services Unit.