Health Administration

KTC Health Administration is designed in a supportive manner around our member Nations.

The primary intent of KTC Health is to provide internal support and expertise by offering confidential advice, recommendations, and guidance on an ongoing basis to build capacity within our member Nations.  We also work on monitoring and analyzing needs in order to recommend best practices and advantageous opportunities for providing the highest level of health service delivery.

Lastly, we strive to monitor and participate, where beneficial, in Treaty 8, Alberta region and national health initiatives and actions. We seek and seize opportunities as they arise to directly benefit our member Nations and Treaty 8 collectively.

We provide a stable administrative and management environment for First Nations and Inuit Health Branch to broker regional activities, while at the same time, allowing KTC to benefit from additional administrative funds to offset program costs.

Supporting health programs and services for our member Nations:

  • Improve our program and service delivery to provide basic, flawlessly coordinated and cross-jurisdictionally integrated primary care that is comprehensive, culturally sensitive, accessible and effective;
  • Enhance access and availability of primary health services to our members;
  • Support and build local capacity – work with communities on responding to their priorities and reaching their goals;
  • Bring together member Nation health directors to discuss collective and collaborative health & wellness issues and recommend strategies;
  • Bring forward viable economic opportunities in the health sector to lead, and/or be part of;
  • Effectively utilize eHealth technology to reach excellence in care;
  • Strengthen capacity in policy development, data collection and analysis;
  • Increase capacity to manage expanded programs and respond to emerging health issues;
  • Increase capacity to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with other federal departments, Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services, other Tribal Councils and Nations;
  • Improve our ability to be pro-active and responsive to long term sustainability of health programs and services available to our members and member Nations;
  • Undertake regional, Treaty, Tribal and local health initiatives that directly improve and impact the lives of our members.
  • Strengthen the traditions, cultural values as happy balanced community members who, with confidence and pride in themselves and their nation, embrace a self-sufficient future.
  • KTC Health Administration continues to strive towards excellence in supporting and assisting member nations in Health Administration as we are needed and requested.
  • KTC Health Administration continues to build partnerships and relationships internally and externally, as well as look for opportunities that support and strive to improve overall health outcomes for our member nations.

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