Pre-Employment Supports

The Pre-Employment Supports Program (PESP)

– Previously referred to as ESD

The Social Assistance Program Reform- Active Measures started in 2012, when the Federal Government recognized the potential of Canada’s young aboriginal population for success and economic prosperity, the Government committed to a number of initiatives aimed at expanding opportunities for Aboriginal People to fully participate in the economy.  The objectives were to focus on;

  • increase training, skills development and employment for Income Support clients
  • provide support to program staff so they will have the skills to help their clients
  • develop strategies, partnerships and integration of programs and services

KTC was invited to submit a proposal for fiscal year 2016-17, being the only First Nation/Tribal Council in Treaty 8 to be invited and approved for funding. The main focus for the ESD initiative was to help First Nation Youth (age 18-24) to access the skills and training they needed, as they transitioned to further education or into the workforce. The Project would provide a continuum of services and programs aimed at increasing a client’s employability by addressing barriers to employment.  ESD provided client supports specific to the individual client’s case plan and readiness, within a service delivery case management model.

The age limit for the participants has been increased this past year to any eligible Income Support client the age of 18-64.  Many Supports have been provided over the past 3 years with the PESP Program, and continue to be accessed by all our KTC Nations.